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Usually, it is better to be prepared in lif. Your first visit to the range is no exception. At Colonial Shooting Academy, we want people to enjoy shooting. So let’s dress for success! Look at the picture above. Is there anything that strikes you as good or bad about the attire this shooter is sporting? (Yes. We love how she accessorized with that LWRC)! This picture is especially relevant because we are in Richmond, VA and the summers are so hot and humid. Think about your range attire in terms of skin exposure–it’s called hot brass for a reason, right?!

Keep these attire suggestions in mind before your next visit and you will have a blast!

+ Wear a baseball cap

+ Avoid low cut shirts – This is where the Brass Dance comes into play. Choose another cute top instead.

+ Wear pants

+ Closed-toed shoes only

The range is a great place to take a date or even for some family fun. Don’t forget to share these words of wisdom with your next range buddy. (BTW, do that before you get in the car to head over Colonial Shooting Academy). For other bits of helpful information, consult our Range Guide.

Happy shooting. See you at the range!