Front and Center

Is there an exception to this safety rule? Yes, Law Enforcement in uniform only.


WARNING: The following statements are not related to all open carriers or your open carry practices. As a company, we can only comment on our personal experiences at our facility.

Safety Management

Our facility had just opened and we were the new modern gun range. Everyone wanted to come check out Candyland. Both the employee’s excitement and the customer’s excitement was palpable. Being inside with so many people and so many guns, requires a lot more organization, training and structure to make sure that everyone remains safe at all times. What’s the variable at that point? The customers. We were about to learn how much, (or how little), gun training our customers had and the customers were about to learn how many rules come along with this new indoor safety environment too. This was and still is, a two way street.

We experienced a game of “show and tell” on our store floor that seemed to only be taking place with customers who were open carrying. ‘Hey, what kind of grip do you have on your…,” and there it was, an un-holstered gun–probably loaded. Or “I’ve been thinking about getting that gun, how well does it fit into your hand?”…There it is again, another un-holstered gun–and probably loaded–on our store floor. Look, psychology isn’t our game, but safety is. Since we can’t control others, we are going to control what we can to keep everyone safe. And there we are: an unsafe pattern keeps emerging. That extra barrier between a concealed gun and an open gun was probably the culprit. Turns out that small barrier is actually quite large. As soon as we began prohibiting open carry in our facility, the store floor became much safer. We have never regretted prohibiting open carry in our store since.

Training does make a difference. A big difference. Yes, our 2A rights are ours to keep and that we are not questioning. But with rights also comes responsibility. It is our belief at Colonial Shooting Academy that gun owners must also be responsible gun owners. That is a standard that we believe you should insist on–not just for yourself, but for the safety of others. Unsafe gun handling practices don’t just affect the person with the gun in their hand. Awareness, training, education & repetition are the keys to becoming a responsible gun owner in our eyes. Don’t let state requirements set the bar for determining how much you “need” to learn about using your gun. You expect more from others around you, so that means you also expect a higher standard for yourself also. Let’s update the standard of responsible ownership and be stewards for the cause! It’s a worthy one for sure.