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Make Sure Your Range Buddy Is Prepared For A Good Time On Range

Being prepared is never underrated–especially when it can save you time and get the fun started sooner!

1. Go to our website, (or even this page), and find the yellow tab located at the bottom of each webpage

2. Watch our Range Safety & Etiquette video and fill out the paperwork at home

3. Familiarize yourself with the Rules of the Range

4. Wear the proper attire for shooting

5. Make sure you have your valid government IDs and head over to Colonial Shooting Academy

6. Get in line at the rental counter, (if you are with a newbie, just start with a 22–you won’t regret it), and start having a blast!

**PLEASE NOTE: The ranges are loud, which means that the Range Safety Officers have to be even louder. Please don’t take the yelling personally. It’s just a part of this fun game. See you on range.

If you have any questions, please call us at (804)266-AMMO or email us at For time sensitive needs, please call.